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North London and Hertfordshire

High-quality Fence Repairs in North London and Hertfordshire

For more than forty years, the team at AJ Fencing has been provided essential fencing solutions to the people of North London and Hertfordshire.

Among our most popular services is our fence repairs. Having a damaged fence – be it a broken panel or a cracked connecting post – is an uncomfortable situation. It can make you feel as though your property is less secure than it should be. At AJ Fencing, we deliver a fast and effective fence repair service, restoring peace of mind for all our customers in Barnet, Finchley, and beyond.


Professional Fence Repairs in North London and Hertfordshire

As your dependable and local fence repair experts, we have much to offer our customers across North London and Hertfordshire. Here are some of the things you can expect from us…

Fence Repairs in North London and Hertfordshire

There are many ways for a fence to get damaged. This could be anything from being blown over in stormy weather, to impact damage, to simple deterioration over time. Whatever the reason, it is important to resolve the matter as soon as possible. Here at AJ Fencing, we promise a fast and efficient fence repair service every time.

Security Fence Repairs in North London and Hertfordshire

As well as the traditional garden fence, we can also repair damaged security fences and gates. While these tend to be less susceptible to damage by their very nature, when it does happen, it will normally require a professional’s touch to repair it. Fortunately for our North London and Hertfordshire customers, that is exactly what we provide.

All Fences Repaired in North London and Hertfordshire

At AJ Fencing, we are renowned for the variety of fencing options we provide our customers across the South East. Naturally, since we install them, we are also able to repair them. Whether you have a close board, feather edge, trellis, or picket fence (or anything else) you can be sure it is in safe hands.

Reliable Fence Repairs North London and Hertfordshire

All too often, customers try a quick patch-up job to repair a broken fence. While this might do the job for a short time, sooner or later you will need a professional fence repair. At AJ Fencing we treat each fence repair with the same respect as a full fencing installation. All our work is guaranteed to last.

Fence Replacements in North London and Hertfordshire

While we can normally repair most fence damage, occasionally it is not cost-effective to do so. If a car has driven through the fence, or a tree has fallen through it, for instance, it may be prudent to replace the whole fence. Of course, we will always obtain your permission to do so before we proceed any further.

Why Choose AJ Fencing?

There are plenty of reasons to choose us for your fence repairs. Here are some of the most common ones based on feedback from our customers…

At AJ Fencing we apply the same high standards to our fence repairs as we do to our new fencing installations. Our team of professional fencing specialists bring all their expertise to bear on every fence repair job we are called out on. Whether the damage is slight or serious, you are guaranteed high quality work and customer service.

We have been repairing fences across the South East for more than forty years, which makes us one of North London’s longest-serving fencing contractors. Our team of fence repair specialists all have significant experience in the field, boasting decades of expertise between them. This is just one reason AJ Fencing is a name you can rely upon.

You can find our office in the London Borough of Barnet. From here, our fencing experts travel in a 15-mile radius, taking in much of the local area. We cover the whole of North London itself, as well as Hertfordshire. Whether you are in Finchley or further afield, we can promise you the same fast turnaround and punctual service.

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